setting a new baseline

Hey all,

The last time we gave an update on our stats was about a month ago when I presented dogetipbot in the Startup Showcase at CoinSummit. At the time, we wanted to compare dogetipbot against the big name in the cryptocurrency tipping space — /u/bitcointip. The results… really surprised us.

Our comparison slide got quite a lot of attention and some interesting responses from the Reddit Bitcoin community. It also turns out we actually forgot to include tips to external addresses in our metrics (like Doge4Water donations) — so our volume was actually higher at the time. 😉

Since then, /u/bitcointip announced they’re shutting down their service on Reddit and passing the torch to ChangeTip.

dogetipbot’s still going strong and not slowing down. With that said, here’s our latest stats to set the bar a bit higher.

As of April 22, 2014:

  • 56,219 registered dogetipbot users
  • $155,898.75 USD (229,191,400 Dogecoins) successfully tipped
  • 418,917 tips successfully sent
  • 38,437 users have dogecoins in their dogetipbot account
  • The dogetipbot average tip == $0.25 USD
  • The dogetipbot median tip == ~$0.027 USD (60 Dogecoins)
  • $1619.21 USD in dogecoin tips expired or declined (returned to sender).

Oh, did I mention these stats are just from Reddit and we’ve only been around for 4 months? We’ll be rolling out dogetipbot on other services here very soon.

We’re also 100% free (no fees, ever) and we pay for all Dogecoin transaction fees.

So… why aren’t you using dogetipbot yet? 🙂 Join us over on Reddit!



11 thoughts on “setting a new baseline

  1. Impressive. If there are no fee’s, how do you make a wage. It can’t be from tips, there wouldn’t be enough. Just curious as I wonder in awe how everything works and how people can devote their time (full time) . I wish I could do alt coins full time. All the best & thanks for a top tipbot. Ranger.

    • Fees wouldn’t be enough to cover a wage, so we decided it’s best to keep fees out of this.

      We’ve gotten a few generous tips and I’ve invested a bit of my own cash in this endeavor — we’ve also got some on board to help us out while we scale up. 🙂 We’ll have a few cool more services coming down the line that’ll keep the bot 100% free. 😀


  2. congrats, that is awesome!
    Any hope we can ever have a dogetipbot API to see what transactions are going on?
    I’d love to integrate it a pet project of mine.

    • @tipdoge is going a great job on the Twitter tipping side of dogecoin, and supporting Twitter users is definitely on our roadmap. However, if we brought our entire userbase over into the twitterverse, we’d most likely have a backlog of weeks or months with the current API. We’re currently exploring options — but we’ve got other services that actually want us there first. Those are our current priorities 🙂

      But yeah, we’d love to be on Twitter. And the @tipdoge developer and I get to meet at DogeCon on Friday! 😀

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