Offline Storage & User Statistics


We’re happy to announce that after extensive testing and several “ok, how do we deal with this scenario” test cases — 88% of all Dogecoins in dogetipbot are now stored offline.

We expect the number of coins held in offline storage to be considerably higher (90-95%) as we grow, and we’re monitoring the growth rate to make this possible. Our #1 cause of users withdrawing a significant percentage is — you guessed it — charitable donations. 😀

We also have a new notification system in place to alert us if our hot wallet ever gets low (what sends your +withdraw and direct-to-address tips). Also, if you ever send a +withdraw or tip that exceeds the current balance of our hot wallet, you’ll get a notification as well.

In the event we need to take coins out of offline storage and “reload our own dogetipbot account” — the process is fairly straightforward and we’ll have your coins to you within 1-2 hours.

Our second announcement some clever people picked up on last night — +history now displays how much you’ve tipped and been tipped since dogetipbot launched (December 15, 2013). We’ve also got some more fun user statistics we want to start including for you… but right now we’re neck deep in some other behind-the-scenes work (both feature and security wise!).

Unfortunately, our last improvement didn’t make it in this week and will have to wait until after DogeCon SF. We’ve been working hard to optimize our calls to Reddit, and are hoping to increase the speed of dogetipbot while under heavy load by approximately 2-4x. This will be most noticeable for our friends over at /r/dogecoinpif 🙂

One more post tomorrow — then we’ll see you all in San Francisco!




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