dogetipbot Charity Updates


It’s been insane doing charity fundraisers with dogetipbot. We’ve done 2 events and they happened so fast most folks (including the media) didn’t even realize they took place. 🙂

That’s cool with us — we did both because we felt they needed to happen and the generosity of /r/dogecoin is amazing.

We’ve currently done 2 projects:

1. A “Bahay Kubo” (nipa hut) in the Philippines for homeless children to sleep in. Original post here. /u/cathyketh was already planning on building it… her family just needed the funds needed to make it a reality. We raised $3500 in 3 hours. 😮 As of this week, it’s completed!

2. A fundraiser for the families affected by the tragic bus accident that took the lives of 10 people, including friends of my friends and several high school students on the way to my alma mater, Humboldt State University. Most of the students on the bus were from low income homes or first time college students. This hit us here in Arcata pretty hard.

With regards to these two projects:

1. The Bahay Kubo is 100% complete! The above link shows what we’ve done, and /u/cathyketh will be using the extra funds left over to help the local homeless kids (and will most likely be messaging me on skype enthusiastically) because that’s how she rolls. 🙂

2. The DOGE->BTC->USD transfer is complete! In 24 hours we managed to raise $7,268.78 — all of this will be donated to the fund. It’s the least we can do to help. Most of the money will go towards medical bills and direct to the families — Humboldt State has a site with updated information or if you want to donate more. I will be personally donating more towards the memorial scholarship fund too.

I’ll be on our local radio station (KHUM) on Thursday around noon Pacific Time if folks want to listen in. I can’t swear, so it’s safe for work. 😉

I just want to thank you all again for being so amazing and for your generosity. You are awesome.




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