The Update You Weren’t Expecting

Hey all,

Most of you are probably expecting to hear me talk about dogetipbot on Twitch or  this teaser image on I posted on reddit. Well, those are just byproducts of what we’re announcing today.

Today marks the official public announcement of Metatron — our new software that’s running dogetipbot’s core engine. If dogetipbot v1 was a car and v2 was a NASCAR…  Metatron is dogetipbot’s rocket ship. It’s more than just a secure transaction platform — it enables us bring dogetipbot to new services in a matter of hours and will let us run approximately 40 transactions a second securely. 😀

Initially we were prepared for 500k users with v2 of dogetipbot. With Metatron, we’re not thinking about limits yet. 🙂

Metatron was designed and built in such a way that we’re able to ensure both growth, transactional consistency, and security on an massive scale. It’s been in development for months and has been our ultimate goal to rapidly create new platforms for tipping, nearly instantly. We’ve been testing it internally, and will be launching it live over the next a few weeks. Since we’re a bit silly, we’re also going to launch tipping on 4 new platforms at once. 🙂 You probably know most of them. We’ll also launch a few more just because we can. 😀 will be the nexus of all this change, and will be re-launched in tandem with all this. From there, you’ll be able to connect with every service we enable tipping on, view your full history, and do everything you used to wait hours for on reddit for within seconds. The preview you saw is just the beginning. We’ll be 100% transparent, so you can see just how much dogecoins are being thrown around on the internet at any given point in time. 😀

Don’t want to sign up with Happy with the way dogetipbot works on reddit right now? Awesome. We’re not gonna force you into anything. Why change what already works? dogetipbot functionality on reddit won’t change a bit. If you don’t want to connect with, you don’t have to. In fact, we want to offer the same functionality that we’re doing on reddit to every service we expand out to, if possible.

For the rest of you, Metatron means we’ll be able to bring dogecoin tipping to the masses quicker, faster, and easier than ever. The services we can bring on board now are going to be insanely easier to integrate with 🙂

Also, instead of begging a service if they’ll accept dogecoin, we’ll have a convenient FAQ on what is required for our API, and our developers will be on hand to make it happen. 😀

Anyway, that’s our big announcement: just a small backend change that means dogetipbot will be ready for every service you want it to be on by the end of summer. 🙂


–mohland and the dogetipbot team


15 thoughts on “The Update You Weren’t Expecting

  1. Is it possible to get early/beta access to the API? The app we spoke about at Dogecon is live and ready to integrate with dogetipbot – I just need to know how 🙂

  2. “From there, you’ll be able to connect with every service we enable tipping on, view your full history, and do everything you used to wait hours for on reddit for within seconds”

    Woah! That’s awesome! No more waiting around to see if your tip worked if dogetipbot is lagging. Can’t wait to try this out 😀 Does it provide stats such as how much you’ve been tipped, how much you’ve tipped and what platform(s) you’ve been tipping on?

  3. This is super cool. Will I be able to DogeTip through Disqus? I think that would be great way to expand the reach of Dogecoin from Reddit Shibes to other people.

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