Metatron, dogetipbot, and gaming

I started playing Minecraft (FTB) again last week. I realized I hadn’t actually done anything non-work related in a few months, so I decided to revisit one of my favourite games. Then, something funny happened: playing Minecraft reminded me of everything I love about Dogecoin. 😀

When I first started playing Minecraft, I told all my friends about it, got a server up and running, and we had a blast. We came up with ideas of what to build and worked together to achieve these goals. We explored, built, helped each other out, and had fun doing it.

It’s no coincidence I’ve often compared the Dogecoin community to the Minecraft community — fanatical at times, fun, creative, and a bit silly. 🙂

Over the next few months, dogetipbot is going to be evolving into a new platform that goes beyond just reddit, Twitch, Twitter, et al. It will get a new name (which, when I tell people what Metatron’s actually called, they get a good laugh) — and a bunch of new fun features, too.

More on that later. But first…

Our Ethos

I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about what makes dogetipbot/dogecoin awesome, and what values I want Wow Such Business, Inc. to embody. I narrowed it down to these three:

  1. Fun and Absurdity
  2. Amazing Generosity
  3. Insanely Helpful Community

Everything we do with project Metatron needs to advance one of these three goals. Our platform is being built to uplift and advance the Dogecoin ecosystem, and we want to make sure what makes Dogecoin unique is carried along with it.

While the community has really stepped up to help out new users (massive shout out to everyone in /r/dogeducation) — we feel like since most new users get involved in dogecoin via dogetipbot, our documentation and support absolutely needs to improve.

For example: it’s really hard to buy dogecoin right now, much less explain to a new user the wonderful joys of AML/KYC requirements in the USA and why they can’t just buy a bunch with their Credit Card like they were Guild War 2 gems. 😦

These types of questions happen everyday, and will only become more prevalent as we expand into a more mainstream market. Hanging out with folks who knew almost nothing about Crypto this last weekend at GaymerX reinforced this in my mind.

While our engineering team (headed by /u/dvorwak) will remain focused on building out the technical side of our platform, we’re intentionally investing the time and energy to make getting involved in Dogecoin more than just “Head over to /r/dogecoin — they’ll help you out.”

Metatron and Twitch

Yes, we’re launching the project Metatron beta on Twitch, as I announced this last weekend at GaymerX. It took us a month longer than we thought, but we wanted to make sure the experience of tipping/being tipped is simple and easy. We’re looking for both active Twitch streamers and fans to help give us feedback. You can sign up for the beta here.

Chances are, you’re going to get live access to tipping on other services too. Don’t worry, there’s no NDA, no “you’re sworn to secrecy” clause, or anything like that. Everyone from dogetipbot on reddit will be in soon, but we’re really looking to bring in our most active/fun users for the ride first.

Hope to see you there. My sister’s a bigger Twitch streamer than I am, but I’ll give it a shot. You may even be able to catch me playing some Minecraft.



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