The dogetipbot Twitch Beta Is Live


We’ve been testing the dogetipbot beta on Twitch this weekend at PAX Prime 2014 with a few select streamers. As this year’s convention comes to a close, we’re officially ready to share this with the rest of you. 🙂

Please note that this is still majorly beta. It’s live, but it’s not pretty (yet) — we’re going to be adding a massive number of features over the next few weeks and squashing bugs as they arise. If you’re adventurous, feel free to join us and test it out! 😀

The link is live at — from there, you can sign up for a account and link both your reddit and Twitch accounts. Once you’ve linked up your accounts, you’re ready to start tipping.

Note that your dogetipbot balance is shared across all the services we’re launch on, so if you get tipped on reddit and want to tip a streamer on Twitch, you don’t have to transfer dogecoins between the two — it’s all done automatically.

Right now, we’re limiting the number of active streamers (listed below) during the beta phase, but we’re adding more all the time. If you’d like to be first in line as we add more channels, send us your twitch username here.

The dogetipbot beta does not send notifications on Twitch yet — this is deliberate on our end, so we don’t flood the channels with unnecessary spam. We’ve got a notification system in the works that isn’t as annoying. You can view your twitch tips (both sent and received) at or via +history on reddit. You can also check your balance, withdraw, and deposit at

To tip a streamer, use !dogetipbot tip 100 — note that all the keywords work too (megarolls, blazeit, etc).

If you’re a streamer (and want to do giveaways, etc) — you can use !dogetipbot tip <username> 100 to tip viewers in your channels.

Without further ado, here’s a list of streamers who currently are accepting dogecoin tips via dogetipbot.



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