Wow Such Business/dogetipbot is growing. Let me introduce you to our amazing new employees.


 This is the post where I introduce our team.

Of course you know myself and /u/dvorwak.  We’re the public duo of dogetipbot. But did you know we’ve got a 3rd dev? /u/liquinox is our amazing dev who codes more than hangs out on reddit. Daniel is insanely awesome, and he likes to hang out behind the scenes, so you won’t see him too much. 🙂

 Also, I’m also pleased to annouce that /u/mumzie is our newest employee, in charge of community support and helping you all out. She’s been volunteering her time on /r/dogetipbot and has been the BEST HELPER EVER. She’s now in charge of customer support. I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

Also, we have another redditor (Christina), who will be joining us shortly. She’s awesome, she’s a shibe, and she’s going to help us go to the moon. 🙂  We really have the best team, ever.

Also, dogetipbot is on twitch plays pokemon. ;D muahaahhahahahaha

Cheers all,



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