Dogetipmas Day 1: dogetipbot launches on Twitter

I’ll admit, I’m not a big Twitter user. Hell, I really suck at keeping my messages under 140 characters.

Since dogetipbot turned a year old yesterday, we’re kicking off our 12(ish) days of Dogetipmas. Yep! 12(ish) fun days of new features, announcements, giveaways, prizes, and overall absurdity.

Today’s announcement?

@dogetipbot is live on Twitter. You can now use your dogetipbot account to tip and get tips on reddit, Twitch, and now, Twitter.

Syntax is simple. Link your twitter account at or just tweet @dogetipbot register — and yes, accepting a tip is just as simple (hint: @dogetipbot accept) 😉

To tip? Just as easy.

@dogetipbot tip @mohland 1000

As always, we don’t let you tip $ values. We run a Bot that lets you Tip Dogecoin, after all. ;D

Twitter is quite different than the other services we’ve integrated with, so we’ve tried to keep it as simple and non-intrusive as possible. Verification messages don’t exist to keep things clean for existing users. A successful tip will just get a “Favourite” from dogetipbot, and like always, pending tips will expire after 48 hours if unclaimed.

There’s a few more features we’re going to be adding in on the Twitter integration, but we wanted to get it out there and let you play with it first.

We’ll also be tweaking some functionality and messages throughout the next few days, but we’ve found that working within the 140 character limit can be a bit restric



Have fun.



3 thoughts on “Dogetipmas Day 1: dogetipbot launches on Twitter

  1. Would love to know how to integrate this into my blog! What do I need to do after I’ve signed up? I don’t have Twitter but would love to be able to tip/accept tips from supporters and bloggers! Nice article 🙂

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