Dogetipmas Day 4: Mohland Sucks At Hearthstone

Today, we’re going to talk about video games.

I’m not the biggest gamer in my family. That title probably either goes to my dad (Console), or my sister (PC). My gaming rig is well-overdue for an upgrade, and my last console purchase was a PS3 for GTA V.

However, I play a mean game of Civilization, and still run a FTB Minecraft server. As we push deeper into a Twitch integrations (yes, there’s still more to come), we’ve been thinking more about how we can directly bring our weekend gaming addictions over into our daily work lives. What we’re setting up now is something that probably won’t be for everyone, but those of you that want to participate, this should be fun.

I hate to call it a guild, or a clan, or anything that formal. It’s more of a loose affiliation of folks from the Dogecoin community that want to play games with each other and throw some coins around. 🙂 Hell, we don’t quite have a name for it yet. But we want to play games, and we want you to be able to play with us.

We’ve got a number of friends that play/stream as well, so we’re going to bring them in on the action. This really started a while back, when a few of us wanted to start doing some Lets Plays on Twitch — the Dogecoin side of things just happened to fit in neatly.

We set up some new Twitch and Steam accounts, so you can friend us. These accounts will mostly be for us when we’re casting from the office. We’ve got a nice couch to play on now. 🙂


If things go well tomorrow, we might do a test run. Anyone down for a game?


p.s Yes, I do actually suck at Hearthstone… I just started playing (and I fucking love it). 😀


4 thoughts on “Dogetipmas Day 4: Mohland Sucks At Hearthstone

  1. Yes yes yes! I just discovered Hearthstone last week and I love it too! We have to play. What’s your Hearthstone name? Mine’s “Gork”.

    -alphadoge from

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