Dogetipmas Day 5: Well, That Sucked


So today, we were planning on playing some StarMade and inviting folks from /r/Dogecoin to play with us… then everything went to shit.

It started off this morning with provisioning the new server for gaming — turns out they won’t have the hardware in until tomorrow. Oh well, we’ll just fire up one of our other dedis and get it going.

So we get the server up, get TeamSpeak up… then hit a brick wall with OBS and our audio here at the office. 3 hours later, we’re still out of luck.

So hey, if any Twitch streamers want to play some StarMade with us tonight and broadcast it (there’s a handful of us on TeamSpeak too), we’re more than happy to invite you in and help promote your stream. Hit me up on twitter (@mohland) or reddit (/u/mohland). Unfortunately, we’re not able to broadcast here at the office until I get our new gaming rig up and running. 😦

Meh, sometimes things just don’t work out the way you planned.



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